"Teams" is a setting wherein you may customize and manage your member/user's access

LodgeiT allows multiple users to access and work on tax returns simultaneously.

This promotes collaboration and enhances communication between team members, which can improve overall productivity and efficiency. The Owner/Admin can assign a team member to a specific client/s to work via "Assignee"


Firm/Account Team Access 

This is the general settings for your "Teams". Where you can "Invite" and manage the teams settings and permissions. 

The "Owner" and "Admin" can configure and see who is responsible for particular clients by organising colleagues into "Teams" and assigning them to client groups or clients. We have also introduced an outside collaborator role, who can only access the clients and work they are assigned to.

Here is what you can do:

  •   Create teams and add members to them.
  •   Assign members and teams to clients and client groups.
  •   Mark clients as private to hide them from other colleagues.
  •   Filter your work by client assignee.
  •   Invite outside collaborators.
  •   Upload your profile photo in the account settings.  

You may give them permissions according to the task they are concerned with, learn more from this GUIDE

In this Example, I will be adding some client under team"Lizza" (Bulk action can be done through ticking the box on the left side)

Those 2 clients are now under "Lizza" 

There is an option f you want to change the "Access", just navigate to Clients>Settings > Team

If the Client is in a "Private" mode, this will be the client view of the "Owner" and "Admin".

There is a lock icon on it -

Settings > Teams

Where you can customize and manage the owner and team for a certain client who owns it.

Below set up shows that, "Andrew Noble" is the one who manage the work of "Apple Pty Ltd". While "Annie Gotangco" and "Lizza Garcia" are the member who assist Andrew Noble. 

This entity has a "Private" settings, in which only the Client Owner and Assignee can work and manage this client.

If you have more than 1000 clients to assign,our tech team will handle via back end (they will assign members and owners manually), the user will export their clients in CVS/Excel format and fill every columns (see attached excel)

File should contain following columns:

      - System ID (id of the client in LodgeiT)

      - Code (reference code of the client in LodgeiT)

      - Name (client name in LodgeiT)

      - Assign to (name of the team member/s to assign)

      - Client owner (name of the team member who is the client owner)

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