There are two types of out to sign:

A. Electronic. It's when user sends e-sign requests via lodgeit.

B. Manual. It's when user use the button "Out to Sign" instead of using  Lodgeit e-sign feature, user post or other e-sign provider. In this case user just clicks "Out to Sign button" on tax form or Financial Report, so User/Agent can track the form's status.

Out To sign ( or Manual Signing of the form ) 

Use the "Out to Sign" button if you want to manually send the form to your client instead of using  Lodgeit e-sign feature, user post (Print > Download) or use other e-signature app.

Before pressing "Out to sign button" (located at the end page of the form), you need to print/download the form.

Process of sending form Manually

Top right of the form, press the Print Icon

You have an option to tick/untick the box under "Print options" in relevant to client's need.

Once you print/download the form, you can now press "Out to Sign" button

Select "Print & Mark as Out to Sign" button, in order to change the status from "Completed" to "Out To Sign"

The form will be listed in "Out To Sign" tab on dashboard with additional status Manual in the last grid's column.

Note, the user has an option to either individually or mark the form as "Out to sign" in bulk via ticking the box. Learn more here

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