Question: Agent contact details not turning off

Solution: This is Google side validation error. When user connects Gmail, LodgeiT will redirect them to Google consent screen page and user need to sign in.

Please ldouble-check that email you're typing is correct and no typos/whitespaces. If it won't help  and account is active please follow these instructions:

  1. Open their Google account at page  
  2. Then, if user is signed in, please let them make sign out from Google.
  3. Sign it to Google again to see if it works for them.
  4. Go to LodgeiT mailbox page and try to connect Google account again
  5. If it won't help - most likely the Google account is disabled and user should check this article!C(MISSING)2402700 to resolve the issue

Note: LodgeiT will use that field when creating new return. But, if previous form exists, then previous information including this field, is rolling forward to a new form.