1. Please check you are on the correct LodgeiT URL which is https://go.lodgeit.net.au/signin

2. Try to click "Forgot password" from your sign-in page. It will send to your email on how to change so you can proceed to login.

3. Check password autofill. If you've changed the password probably your browser 'remembers' the old password and therefore the error occurs.

4. Please note that password is case sensitive, it can have uppercase and lowercase letters, i.e. passWOrd and PaSsWorD are different passwords.

5. Please check the email/password you fill don't contain extra characters, such as whitespace in the beginning and in the end of string, for instance it may happen when you copy-paste these details from excel/text file. In this case please try to manually type email/password on Sign In page.

Also, make sure to click Send after confirming I'm not a robot on the Reset Password screen.

In case, you still unable to access your account, we need to reset your logins via back end, but it will be available after 4pm awst.

We need to reset your login to LodgeiT. We will do this later today. For security purposes, please provide us the following:   

1. ABN of your firm / Main Account in LodgeiT

2. Email address registered to LodgeiT

3. Client's TFN (last six digits) that you've added via your LodgeiT account.

Unable to receive email for "Forgot Password"

Please provide the folowing: 

1. What is your email provider (gmail, outlook, etc) ?

2. Are you able to receive emails from other recipients? or please try to send a test mail to yourself and confirm you received that?

3. Send us printscreen of the page of lodgeiT request"Forgot Password"make sure to capture the page URL.