Navigate to Clients > Settings > Team

Below illustration shows that the client "Aj Doe" is currently in "Public" access, it means that everyone from your team/org can access this client.

What is Team "Access"?

If you want to restrict the access.

1. Change the "Access" from "Public" to "Private"

If you have other team that you want to be part of this client, you can "Assign" them-

Related Guide: Settings - Teams/Access (Member and Client Owner and Assignee)

If you have more than 1000 clients to assign,our tech team will handle via back end (they will assign members and owners manually), the user will export their clients in CVS/Excel format and fill every columns (see attached excel)

File should contain following columns:

      - System ID (id of the client in LodgeiT)

      - Code (reference code of the client in LodgeiT)

      - Name (client name in LodgeiT)

      - Assign to (name of the team member/s to assign)

      - Client owner (name of the team member who is the client owner)