"Access" for team member is a process of granting your teammate/colleague, and even LodgeiT support. 

You can do it on the Team page here https://go.lodgeit.net.au/team, simply click on the LodgeiT Support to modify the access. 

Learn more here Teams & Client Access

Setting-up "Team Access

Via Client's "Settings" > "Teams"

LodgeiT allows multiple users to access and work on tax returns simultaneously.

This promotes collaboration and enhances communication between team members, which can improve overall productivity and efficiency.

The "Owner" can also assign an "Assignee" for every client.

Public - Can access by anyone in the team, except outside collaborators (unless they are assigned to). 

Private - Only 'owners' and 'client team' have access to the client and work. Members without access can't see the client.

Client Owner - Is the Director/Partner of the Firm, who is working in the firm. Selecting this means that the said "Director" owns a client. There can only 1 Owner to be assigned under "Client owner"

Assignee - Is the member/employee who will work for the client. There can be 1 or more "Assignee" 

"Client Owner" and the "Assignee" have the same access to the client's and can do the same things

Below example illustrates that:

  • Doe Pty Ltd is in "PUBLIC" and can access by anyone in the team.
  • Doe Pty Ltd is owned by the Agent "Andrew Noble"
  • Doe Pty Ltd assigned to only two team member "Annie" and "Lizza"

"Assignee" can be filtered via "Clients" tab, ie the Agent would like to see Client's that is under a certain "Assignee"

Ilustration below shows that the "Dashboard" filtered "Lizza" as the "Assignee", and it shows all the clients under Lizza.

If you have more than 1000 clients to assign,our tech team will handle via back end (they will assign members and owners manually), the user will export their clients in CVS/Excel format and fill every columns (see attached excel)

File should contain following columns:

      - System ID (id of the client in LodgeiT)

      - Code (reference code of the client in LodgeiT)

      - Name (client name in LodgeiT)

      - Assign to (name of the team member/s to assign)

      - Client owner (name of the team member who is the client owner)