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ITR - Working with the Individual Tax Return (for tax agent use only)
AS- How to Complete an Activity Statement
TFND - Preparation of TFND Form (Tax File Declaration)
FBT - Preparation of FBT Return Form
PS- Preparation of PAYG Payment summary (PS)

CTR - Preparation of Company Tax Return (CTR)

IEE - Preparation of IEE Form ( Interposed entity election and or revocation )
IEE - Preparation of FTER Form ( Family Trust Election, Revocation or Variation )
TPAR - Preparation of TPAR Form
CGNFT - Preparation of CGNFT Form - Consolidated Groups Notification of Formation and Member Entrance/Exit)
RNN - Preparation of RNN Form ( Return/Further Not Necessary )
TTR - Preparation of Trust Tax Return

For instructions on working with any specific tax form or other LodgeiT tool such as SPFR, Working Papers and calculators. Please review our major help topics here.

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