LodgeiT makes your lodging tax return simple with just 6 steps to get started:

1. Gather information. Collect relevant financial record for the partnership, including income and expenses. Learn more
2. Sign up to use LodgeiT
3. Connect LodgeiT to the Australian Tax Office
4. Connect your accounting system to LodgeiT and import your accounts
6. Lodge your tax return!

Note: For Business Entity (non-agent), you may check this guide

The video provides the following guide about the basic of Partneship Tax Return -

See attached spreadsheet example for Partnership Comparatives.

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Note: If you have no accounting software, you can use our excel template and import it directly to Lodgeit.

The Basics

To work with a company tax return, first ensure that all the necessary information about the company has been added to LodgeiT via "Settings" if you fail to do this, you will encounter a range of difficulties.

Then you can proceed  adding a form.

Select Forms

Click the form that you need.

Select Year.

"Lodgement Date" is automatic date from ATO, but you can also manage to change it if necessary.

Click "Skip this Step" or "Continue"

Activate the relevant sections that you need to work on -

Once you've worked in the form, you may need to turn-on certain reporting sections. You can do so via -

Check Form status via "Dashboard" . Click here to learn more about Form Sequence

Note: LodgeiT System is an SBR System with SBR dependencies. (LodgeiT uses SBR validation & prefill functions)