LodgeiT checks the lodgment progress every day after the return was lodged. So, if the status is "Processing" and either NOT "Error" nor "Missing", it means it was actually received and being processed by the ATO.

You can hover-over the status on the dashboard to see the current ATO processing status.
The example of the status. - 


If tax return status is "Verifying client and/or tax agent identity details". Sometimes the return can be in this status for 2-3 weeks. In such cases the user is better to check that ABN and TFN were correct in the lodgment, and the contact ATO to get further details.

In case of a failure in ATO systems, forms get stuck in Lodging. In rare instances, techs have had to revert forms from Lodging to "To Lodge". In even more rare instances, a form will "Error" and be rejected by ATO systems. Moreover, if there is a system issue, it tends to impact all users simultaneously across the platform.  

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