Error: Lodgement is missing on ATO

Solution: Press "Refresh Status" button to update the form

  • Please check the portal if this form has been recorded as "Lodged", if yes, kindly press "Mark as Processed" through the form.
  • Check the ABN and TFN if correct?
  • In such cases when form was lodged under invalid TFN, contact the exceptions area of the ATO (Phone Number: 1300 146 094, fast key code 103#) to resolve this situation.

Notification: "Amendment received before original return lodged" - Please contact ATO, describe them the case (lodgment under invalid TFN - then lodgment of amendment with valid TFN) and ask if they need any other details from agent to process the lodgment.

In case of a failure in ATO systems, forms get stuck in Lodging. In rare instances, techs have had to revert forms from Lodging to "To Lodge". In even more rare instances, a form will "Error" and be rejected by ATO systems. 

Moreover, if there is a system issue, it tends to impact all users simultaneously across the platform.