An old form template is a manual keying only.
LodgeiT cannot improve validation handling for old layout forms, so the only way is to set proper values, relying on SBR rules. 

If the user has "36 Business name of main business", "1 Description of main business activity", - They must have non-primary business income (5) and any of business items 38-45 more than 0.

Otherwise user must remove "36 Business name of main business", "1 Description of main business activity".

CMN.ATO.GEN.430018 - Business name of main business or street address of main business is present and total business income (primary production or non-primary production) is missing at business income and expenses.

CMN.ATO.GEN.430015 - If an Industry code is present, then the 'Description of main business activity' and business income (Primary Production and/or Non-Primary Production) must be present

CMN.ATO.GEN.430023 - Total business income from non-primary production (Gross payments where ABN not quoted, Gross payments subject to foreign resident withholding, Assessable government industry payments, Other business income) is present without net non-primary production income/loss amount.

CMN.ATO.TRT.432235 - If Net business income is present under Business income and deductions, then at least one Business and professional items amount must be present.