LodgeiT user can modify text blocks, insert dynamic placeholders, rename and reorder statements. Everything will be automatically saved. Watch below video to learn more.

You can create your own SPFR templates, modify it and use across all your clients.

The LodgeiT SPFR Module is designed to streamline and automate the production of Special Purpose Financial Reports and Statements.

Unlike other reporting systems, the LodgeiT SPFR Module relies on a single import and classification exercise to populate working paperstax form, and special purpose financial statements

LodgeiT has 2 versions of Financial Reports:

2 Versions of SPFR:

1. Basic Financial Reports

This is what we have before, you can continue using it for free and nothing has changed. Learn more from this GUIDE

2. Advanced Financial Reports with Notes 

This is a paid feature that provides you more flexibility to build your reports. You can create a report and play with it for free, but in order to Complete and Download it in PDF you will have to pay. Learn more from this GUIDE

Learn more about the pricing guide here 

In preparation of Financial report for each client, you may start by finding your client, then select "Custom Report"

Preparation of Partnership SPFR

Preparation of Company SPFR

Preparation of Trust SPFR

Preparation of Sole Trader SPFR

This video will show you how to modify a structure of financials on SPFR. Add, rename, delete, drag & drop, collapse groups and line items to get a look you need. 

Additionally, you can duplicate your reports to keep changes for the next reporting period.

The video includes the following:

  • Adding Financial statement
  • Editing financial statements 
  • Modifying custom template
  • Re-arranging the pages
  • Duplicate and remove the template

Check this guides:  

Sign a compilation report

Managing SPFR's Compilation Report

Note: User can manipulate SPFR's: (ie, drag and drop)

- Exclude Title page

- Exclude Table of Contents

- Exclude Page numbers

- Remove report that irrelevant (see below image)

You may customize your SPFR "Print Options" (to tick/untick the relevant items)

The Agent may download the signed SPFR here


You can find the summary of all SPFR reports via "Reports".

Filter is available via clicking clicking the desired option- 

Note: If you manage an edit or change via  "Relationship"/relationship module AFTER generating SPFR, delete the SPFR and start afresh.


Q: What is the difference between trading and trading?

A: Trading entity is any entity with trading revenue/sales, even sales of services. Sometimes you'll have an investment trust or similar that has no trading revenue, just some line items like interest received/dividend received. So if your entity has any trading revenue use trading financial statements. SPFR is based on the Financials you will be importing. If it is a trading, then you have to map the income as trading revenue as well as the expenses. 

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Managing SPFR's Compilation Report

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