The LodgeiT Financial Report Module is designed to streamline and automate the production of  Financial Reports and Statements.

Unlike other reporting systems, the LodgeiT Financial Report Module relies on a single import and classification exercise to populate working papers, tax form, and financial statements.

We can also give you a training about the "Advanced Financial Reports" (ie Overview, Template Construction, and cover various function) and opportunity to ask question, register HERE



LodgeiT has 2 version of Financial Reports:

2 Versions of Financial Report:


In preparation of Financial report for each client, you may start by finding your client, then select "Custom Report"

Free/Basic Version - Financial Report Building

Free/Basic Version - Modify "Financial Report"

This video will show you how to modify a structure of financials on Financial Report. Add, rename, delete, drag & drop, collapse groups and line items to get a look you need. 

Additionally, you can duplicate your reports to keep changes for the next reporting period.

Financial Reports with Flexibility with "Notes


Customise reports to suit your unique requirements. Dynamically add signatories for digital signing. Include graphics like your logo

Remove report that irrelevant (see below image)

Removing irrelevant part of the report

- Exclude Title page

- Exclude Table of Contents

- Exclude Page numbers

You may customize your report via "Print Options" (to tick/untick the relevant items)

 The Agent may download the signed Financial Report here

SUMMARY REPORTS OF "Financial Report"

You can find the summary of all "Financial Report" reports via "Reports".

Filter is available via clicking clicking the desired option-

Note: If you manage an edit or change via  "Relationship"/relationship module AFTER generating the report, delete the Financial Report  and start afresh.


Preparation of Partnership Financial Report

Preparation of Company Financial Report

Preparation of Trust Financial Report

Preparation of Sole Trader Financial Report

Financial Report - E Signature

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