Goal: To add signatory in "Compilation Report"

Step 1: Create and Add Signature

Add signature for a practice with single owner

Adding a signature for a practice with multiple owners

Adding a signature manually

Step 2: Update "Default Signatory" via Gear wheel > "Settings" > "Practice"

Step 3: Signature injected to ALL Financial Reports


Question: Is there a way to remove the Directors name from the signature line on the Compilation Report?


This is how it works currently:

1. If there is no signatory, it will show the tax agent's trading name on the compilation report.

via Gear wheel > Profile

Note: Make sure to remove/delete the uploaded signature via  "Human icon > Account > Signature)

2. If there is signatory, it will show the tax agent's name + signatory as a director.

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3. Individuals (Gear wheel > Profile> Entity Type: Individual)  don't have an option for signatory as they are signatories for themselves.


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