LodgeiT System is an SBR System with SBR dependencies. (LodgeiT uses SBR validation & prefill functions)
Forms are automatically loaded as soon as they produced, they will be available in "New" tab.

ITR - Preparation of an Individual Tax Return (ITR)

TFND - Preparation of TFND Form (Tax File Declaration)

FBT - Preparation of FBT Return Form (Fringe Benefit Tax Return)

PS - Preparation of PAYG Payment summary

CTR- Preparation of Company Tax Return

FTER - Preparation of FTER Form ( Family Trust Election, Revocation or Variation )

IEE - Preparation of IEE Form ( Interposed entity election and or revocation )

TPAR - Preparation of TPAR Form

CGNFT - Preparation of CGNFT Form (Consolidated Groups Notification of Formation and Member Entrance/Exit)

RNN - Preparation of RNN Form ( Return/Further Not Necessary )

TTR - Preparation of Trust Tax Return

AS - How to Complete an Activity Statement

BAS - If you activate the automated activity statement collection feature, then your activity statements should be collected and prefilled by the ATO in an automated fashion on each activity statement reporting cycle.  If you have a new client that has outstanding Activity Statements (AS) which is not showing in LodgeIT, just add a new AS form and the software will search for unlodged files. If there are none, it will synchronise the lodged files to the client in the background.
Note: LodgeiT is pulling outstanding obligations ONCE in 5-7 days. User be able to see all outstanding activity statements in time.

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