We recommend our users to use an Authenticator app since SMS code only works in the country where the SMS is issued. If you prefer to travel you won’t be able to receive the SMS code.


Set up "Authenticator" app as your account security login

Reconfigure your account to use an authenticator app instead of SMS messages.

1. Go to "Account"

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Setup Authenticator"

3. Follow the steps provided on the page

       3.1 Download the app that was mentioned. (see below procedure - Downloading App) 

       3.2 Scan QR Code 

       3.3 Enter the generated code

Download the App

Step 1. Download your preferred authenticator app on your Mobile handset or PC/Laptop 

Step 2. From LodgeiT sign-in page. Scan the code that you can see when you re-log back again using your user name and password.


Step 3. Once you've successfully downloaded the app, you can now log-in to LodgeiT using the given code from the said app.

Check this Google guide on how to set up Authenticator from your machine/laptop/PC, and for Microsft authenticator app

Authenticator(and SMS) good for 24hours only, you will need to enter a new code after. Also, if the user logged-out they need to enter an authentication again

Set-up 2FA in Multiple Devices

You can setup the authenticator as many devices as you want, but you have to set them up at the same time with one QR code.

During set up process you can scan the QR code by multiple devices and also in case of desktop use the secret key. Once, you generate a new QR code, the previous set up stops working.  

We can also recommend to use Authy, as you can set it up on one device and it can sync across all devices. 

Do as follows

  • Delete the existing LodgeiT account in your authenticator app in mobile (The reason for doing this is because it will not work anymore since you need to reset your 2fa and a new QR code will be used after you login in LodgeiT.)
  • If you have an existing LodgeiT account and have also an existing 2fa setup, you need to reset your 2fa by either of the 2 Options below:

A. You can send a request to LodgeiT Support Team to reset your 2fa. We just need the following data below:

      1. Email address registered to LodgeiT

      2. ABN of your firm / Main Account in LodgeiT

     3. Your TFN or Client's TFN that you've added via your LodgeiT account (only the last 6 digits)

B. You can ask someone from your team with Owner/Admin Access. Here is the guide how to do the reset-  https://help.lodgeit.net.au/support/solutions/articles/60000777951-reset-two-factor-authentication

Time out Issue

Log back-in after Time out.

Is any of the following happening ?

a. You are closing your browser 

b. Your machine is going to sleep?

You will get timed out after about 6 hours of inactivity & need password only re-entry. Watch this video on how to re-access/get back in.

Note that all PLS/SBR providers have to adhere to the same security protocols. i.e. timeout/2FA renewal.

Checking Chrome Settings

Privacy and Security -> Site Settings -> Cookies -> Keep local data only until you quit your browser.