The Payment / Refund Analyser allows for the comparison of facts held by the ATO (As lodged by the accountant or the business) with facts included in the accounting system and finally with the facts present on the Integrated account as long as it has been imported to LodgeIT. The calculated total of the facts should equal the actual total per the respective Activity Statement.

This tool is to capture all the information from your BAS/Activity Statements

Go to "Reports"

Click "Activity Statements" and select "Pay/Refund Analyser"

Filter or Select "Start Date" and click "Apply"

Note that, values from the Pay/Refund Analyser is coming from the BAS.

"Per Accounts" values are coming out of the reporting module of your accounting software.

You can put in the variables to compare along the bottom here, ie put the value of the report available from your accounting software at the end of the year to compare and make sure that what's been reported to the ATO matches with what is in the accounting software. The goal is to have NO variance at the end of the financial year