Facts from accounting system GST/ Payroll systems can be saved in the Activity Statement Analysers in order to compare with the facts available in the ATO systems.

Test any variance.

Click to compare specific periods for variance in that timeframe only

Based on selecting Oct-Dec 2012, the Variance between that period Activity Statement & the facts recorded from the accounting system activity statement report is displayed.

Any accounting system facts recorded into the analytics grid must be saved. Select Save Report Data from the top right of the page.

Saved Grid Data with respective Metadata noting who made the entry

In the analysis grid it is possible to record the original fact & then record an adjustment without disturbing the original fact.

Small green button indicates that the fact is a composite fact made up of the source accounting system report fact + an amendment to that fact.

Blue exclamation mark indicates an original accounting system fact only.

Click the green button to launch the amendment section. See Help Section relating to Trade Amendment Tool.