When documents are attached anywhere in LodgeiT, the system appends the documents with important metadata or information about the document. In some cases the metadata is created & appended automatically. This is the case where documents are attached directly to specific LodgeiT Calculator components. In these cases it is unnecessary to manually add information about the document.

Where documents are added manually into document storage, then it is necessary to be particular about adding accurate metadata.

File Type

Unrelated (Pdf, Excel, Word) These are any files or documents that are not specified by any other File Type (Accounting File or XML) and that are unrelated to a specific LodgeiT Calculator.

Document Type

For Unrelated Documents, Select a Type,

Sub Type of Legal Document

Sub Type of Regulator Notice

Sub Type of Financial Report

Sub Type of Reference Document

Period allows the document to have an association with either a point in time i.e. a date when a legal document is signed or a fromTo duration i.e. a financial report that runs from 1 July to 30 June.

The Timeframe Association allows a relationship to be created between

  1. Financial year timeframe
  2. Specific range within the year, either month, year or quarter

Alternatively, a document can have an association with an Instant in time i.e. the date a legal document is signed