The GST Trade Analyser allows the comparison of facts held by the ATO (As lodged by the accountant or the business) with facts included in the accounting system and finally with the facts present on the Integrated account as long as it has been imported to LodgeIT.

See Validator Usage Guide to get the most out of these tools.

Click "Reports", select "Activity Statements", and choose "GST Trade Analyser" in the drop down option.

Whatever the GST calculation performed by the Accounting Software, it should be inputted here -

Here is an example of the report with data - 

First, Set-up the the date's

Here are the values from the BAS "Activity Statements"

Values that extracted from the GST reports in accounting software.

Note: Please check the "GST Accounting Method" (Accrual), and the "G1 Include GST" column (as Yes or No), some of the columns will be automatically calculated based on the data that have been added.

"Variance" relies to the data "Per ATO BAS" vs "Per Accounts" table.