Select "Tools" and press "Share Register"

To use this feature you must have first set up the Share Register > "Dividends" 

Select to "Pay Dividends".

Select the class of share to pay the dividend against.

The payment date is the date the company physically pays the dividend. This is the date that the dividend will be recognised by the shareholder.

Ex Dividend date is the date the company declares the dividend.

Book closure date is the date the accounts are closed off in relation to the calculation of the dividend.

We suggest that you use the automated franking account to track the franking credits.

If there are enough available franking credits, the company can pay franked dividends without incurring franking deficits tax.

Pty Ltd companies can pay franked dividends in their first year of operation WITHOUT having franking credits.

Now select the member/s to send the dividends to.

Note that the selection of the franking % in the previous screen will determine the Franked vs. Unfranked proportions. Now simply apply the Dividend to create the record.