For user who wants to migrate their client from other accounting software (other than QuickBooks) to LodgeiT, and with existing QuickBooks Online Accountant clients, please see instructions:

1. First, the user needs to export the client list from other accounting software (other than QuickBooks  ), into an excel file. When ready, the LodgeiT technical team will import the list to its LodgeiT account. Learn more

2. After that, user needs to connect his LodgeiT intermediary to  profile and click "Sync". Learn more

3. After that, user needs to map QuickBooks Online Accountant and LodgeiT clients. They can do it either: 
a. Map manually. Learn more 
b. Reach out to our support and we will turn on the auto mapping.

4. After the mapping is completed - user can export all the rest unmapped clients from LodgeiT to QuickBooks Online Accountant  . The new clients will be created in QuickBooks Online Accountant, but duplicates are possible. 

See below automapping basic mechanism, and it's rules:
  1. If Email + First / Middle / Last name are 100 % match between QuickBooks client and LodgeiT client - then relationship (mapping) will be set.
  2. If Email +  QuickBooks Display name or company name 100 % match to LodgeiT organisation name or trading name - then relationship (mapping) will be set.
  3. The relationship will be set only for single entity. if more than one similar entity will be found across systems or no entities are not found at all - then mapping will not be set and user will need to set it manually

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