LodgeiT maps address in the following way:

  • Business/Residential Address (LodgeiT) -> Shipping Address (QBOA)
  • Postal Address (LodgeiT) -> Billing Address (QBOA)

You can use "Same as Business" option in LodgeiT to make postal address the same as business in LodgeiT. Then it will be synced to the QBOA as described above.


In LodgeiT client may have multiple emails. In QBO due to restrictions - only one email, but it's possible to write few emails in one field using comma separator (as per QBO documentation).


In LodgeiT when add new client the initial phone number is considered as primary. The user may change it to mobile phone in "Client Settings"s in LodgeiT so it will be reflected in QBO as mobile number.

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