Automapping is currently disabled in LodgeiT, but the basic mechanism is implemented. It follows these rules:
  1. If Email + First / Middle / Last name are 100 % match between QBO client and LodgeiT client - then relationship (mapping) will be set.
  2. If Email + QBO Display name or company name 100 % match to LodgeiT organisation name or trading name - then relationship (mapping) will be set.
  3. The relationship will be set only for single entity. if more than one similar entity will be found across systems or no entities are not found at all - then mapping will not be set and user will need to set it manually

LodgeiT maps addresses in the following way:

  • Business/Residential Address (LodgeiT) -> Shipping Address (QBOA)
  • Postal Address (LodgeiT) -> Billing Address (QBOA)

You can use "Same as Business" option in LodgeiT to make postal address the same as business in LodgeiT. Then it will be synced to the QBOA as described above.

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