Client Import - is where you can find the list of your clients from QBO that needs to import in LodgeiT.

Note: Currenlty, the system operates in single direction only, wich is LodgeiT --> QBO. If you need to update information, ie Address, contact details, etc. Best to update via LodgeiT.

This video includes:

  • How to connect LodgeiT to QBO
  • Synchronising client details (changes from LodgeiT sync to QBO)
  • Manual connection/mapping of client from QB and LodgeiT.
  • How to merge client in QBO
  • Showing how QBO invoice works - Configuring client-sync is important for invoice purposes, ie client invoices have the same details as are in LodgeiT.
  • Linking QBO details to LodgeiT details

Below example shows that, these 3 clients has been added to QBO and ready for import via LodgeiT. 

Validation is giving you an information and an option if you want to take any action.

I have ticked all of the clients, because I want them all to import from QBO to my LodgeiT Account.

Before matching the clients, please make sure to import or leave inactive (by unticking the appropriate checkbox) external accounting system clients on the "Client Import" page.

Ticked clients will be imported from QBO to LodgeiT. 

  • If "ticked", client has an existing client that matched to LodgeiT client, then  it will be linked. 
  • If "ticked", but the said client has NO related/client match via LodgeiT, system will automatically produce client in LodgeiT client list (no need to create/add manually)

Unticked clients will not be imported to LodgeiT and the system will understand that  no action required for this QBO client.