Turn-on Financial Image in LodgeiT

Go to Form, Click the "Four Little squares"

Turn-on "Adjustment" image

After Turning-on "Adjustments" in Financial picture,

Form 2019 

Select "Form" >  "ITR" click  "Adjustments"  tab.

Enter the date of arrival for new residents that is entitled to only A@ - part year tax free threshold" fill the box regarding "Date the taxpayer becoame, or stopped being, and Australian resident this year" and  "number or months eligible to part-year-tax-free-threshold" select the number of months. 

In the subsequent year, it will not be required to enter the date, client will be in full year resident.  

Form 2020

Fill the residency start and end date via the front page of the form-

For client who is not a full year resident, make sure to set up the start and end date.

*ie Client started to be a resident last 1 Oct 2019  which covers 2020 financial year, tax form date setting will be -

Press, "Adjustments" tab and select the number of months.

ATO: A2 Part-year tax-free threshhold 2018