Turn-on Financial Image in LodgeiT

Go to Form, Click the "Four Little squares"

Turn-on "Adjustment" image

After Turning-on "Adjustments" in Financial picture,

Select "Form" >  "ITR" click  "Adjustments"  tab.

Enter the date of arrival for new residents that is entitled to only "part year tax free threshold".

For client who is not a full year resident, make sure to set up the start and end date.

ie Client started to be a resident last 1 Oct 2019  which covers 2020 financial year, tax form date setting will be - 

Press, "Adjustments" tab and select the number of months.

In the subsequent year, it will not be required to enter the date, client will be in full year resident.  

ATO: A2 Part-year tax-free threshhold 2018