Question: I am preparing an individual income tax return and am mystified as to where the Adjusted taxable income amount is coming from. 


ATI consists not only from taxable income.

Reference, ATI calculator on ATO site 


Example A: Interest, Dividends, and Trust Distribution

This person only has interest, dividends and trust distribution – taxable income = $172,357

Adjusted taxable income is showing as $622,874,

Example B: Net income from Business

Adjusted taxable income"  is the "Net income from business this year"

This is how it computes - 

Total Business Income (-) Total Business Expenses = Net Income from Business this year

In this example:

728,707 (-) 660,555 = 68,152

Example C: Net Rental Property Loss calculation

Question: I noticed the ATI didn't take off the rental loss

Gross Wage $104657+

interest $251 less

Deduction: $2586

=$102322 ATI

The software didn't include rental loss of $11552

Answer: ATI in LodgeiT is calculated correctly. In this case,  
Taxable income + IT6 Net rental loss = Adjusted Taxable income
$90,770 + $11,552 = $102322


"Estimated total income" and "Estimated total"

Estimated total income is the gross income from all sources less certain deductions, such as expenses, allowances and reliefs. If you are married or in a civil partnership and jointly assessed, your spouse's or civil partner's income is included in total income.

Estimated total is the sum of all the received income from the following: