Example 1

Question:  If there is a HECS debt repayment, it seems to add this to the amount of the refund due?

Answer: This is correct. HECS repayment is added to total payable refundable. 

In this case $510.87 less $1292.35 less $1526 = $-2307.48. 

Example 2:

A client ITR FY 2023 and she has HECS HELP DEBT $185478. However, her taxable income is 42392. Therefore, based on ATO she should not need to pay any help loan debt.

However, Lodgeit has added $5411.28 loan debt payment into her ITR.


There is "Compulsory Higher Education Loan repayment" amount of $5,411.28, because your repayment income should include the Total FBT Benefits and Reportable Super Contributions.

Computation below:

Taxable Income +Total Reportable Fringe Benefits Amounts + Reportable Super Contributions = REPAYMENT INCOME

$42,392 + 41,796 + 6,000 = $90,188 x 6% = $5,411.28