Question: Client has earnt above higher education loan repayments threshold however LodgeIT is not picking up the reportable fringe benefits amount so there is no amounts payable in the estimate tab. This client should be paying tax not receiving a refund.

Answer: Person has dependents and due to low family income do not have to make a compulsory repayment

Question: Individual tax return taxable income is below the repayment threshold for higher education loan repayments however the estimate tab shows a payable as this is charging my client for the loan which should happen. Attachment to explain further. Client should receive refund.

Answer: Repayment income (taxable income ($37794) plus fringe benefits ($29998)) is above the threshold so LodgeiT calculated it correctly.,-TSL-and-SFSS-repayment-thresholds-and-rates/ 

Note: Repayment cannot be more than accumulated debt. Ie, Accumulated TSL debt is recorded as $4331.60 hence repayment has the same amount too.