An activity statement analysis is only as valid as the most recent update of facts held in the ATO systems. An Activity Statement can be updated or changed in the ATO systems quite easily, so it is worth keeping a date & time log of a validation effort. The date & time log below indicates the latest transaction and value of the transaction as per the Integrated Account.

Here the transaction is, as per the latest set of facts imported from the Integrated Account

In the case where an Integrated Account transaction is not matched automatically, the User must do the matching. Click the cells where the stars are to manually inspect the Activity Statement transactions & find the match.

LodgeIT now brings up the unmatched transactions in the date range.

-1,388 is Oct-Dec 2013.

Now with the correct period selected, Apply.

Do the same for all unmatched transactions. If you cannot get a match, make sure to complete & lodge any prefilled but unlodged activity statements. Alternatively, delete the prefilled unlodged activity statement and then Re-syncronise.

If necessary, import missing transactions from the ATO Portal.

You'll know you are successful when all transactions match.