Editing Custom Reports

Now, you can modify text blocks, insert dynamic placeholders, rename and reorder statements. Everything will be automatically saved. Learn more here.

Custom Report Templates

You can create your own SPFR templates, modify it and use across all your clients. Learn more here.

Custom Reports Dashboard

It allows you to monitor completion of custom reports across your client-base and track digital signing by your clients. Learn more here.

Electronic Fund Transfer Reports (EFT)

You can subscribe to automatically receive EFT reconciliation reports from ATO. It provides visibility over the identity of refunds processed to your trust account. Learn more here.

QuickBooks Firm Ledger

From our sponsor Intuit QuickBooks; The QuickBooks Firm Ledger is for low-touch clients who don't need to access their own books. QuickBooks Firm Ledger includes Single Touch Payroll compliant payroll, allowing you to easily provide information to the ATO for any clients seeking support through the Federal Government’s JobKeeper Payment initiative. Available from as little as $1.80 per client, per month. Learn more here.