September 2022 Release Notes

Client Updates

  • We added Death date field for individual clients.
  • You can now optionally export archived clients within active ones.
  • We added Residential Address column to client export file.
  • We added Related Client Code column to client relationships export file.

Tax Return Updates

  • Now you can add Do not import on tax return tag to your line items in order not to import it to a tax return.
  • LodgeiT can now import financials to forms with SAP period.
  • We added a new depreciation category for PSI to fill depreciation in ITR PSI section.
  • Add negative adjustments for Opening and Closing stock fields on all tax returns.
  • We made significant improvements to our CGT worksheet. Read more here.
  • We added an option to add DRAFT watermark to tax returns in PDF.

SPFR Updates

  • If the option page numbers is on, LodgeiT renders page numbers on the contents page.
  • We added an option to add DRAFT watermark to your financials statements in PDF.