We are excited to be releasing the following feature improvements.

Send client e-sign emails directly from your mailbox
Connect your Microsoft, Google or custom mailbox and send client e-sign emails directly from it. You can find it under Gear > Email Settings or just navigate here. Learn more

Livestock & produce trading worksheet
The new worksheet which will help you to calculate livestock sales and costs for 2020 tax returns.

Multi-business worksheet
Separate business income and expenses by adding an individual worksheet for each business on ITR.

Print depreciation schedules within tax forms and SPFR
Easily include depreciation schedules into PDF version of a tax form or SPFR.

Background Pre-lodge
Now you can Complete ITR, CTR, TRT, PTR, SMSFAR and FBT 2018 onwards even if ATO services are unavailable. Once form is Completed it will be passing ATO pre-lodge in a background, so you can continue your work without interruption.

Other improvements:

  • Delete statements on SPFR.
  • Option to exclude main form on print.
  • Primary and non-primary depreciation on TRT and PTR.
  • Estimate for non-resident withholding tax on ITR.