Currently the only default option is Yes (Australian resident). But this value can be rolled over from previous year return. This means reports for the next financial year will be created with corresponding value.

Note: "Australian Resident" as YES is only applicable IF complete year.

If the client is a non-resident for full year, specify the date via "Adjustment" tab. The system will automatically treat is as a whole year non-resident (ie, client returned to Australia on 28th March 2020 and resumed his residency from that date onwards indefinitely. ) 

Adding "30 June" at the end date box is only applies for the first year of taxpayer with incomplete year.   In the next succeeding year since the taxpayer is already a resident, then adding dates to those boxes are not necessary.


Option to choose country of residence is only available in 2020 year. In previous years user can fill Other Attachments Schedule in Individual section of the return where enter information about country of residence.

2019 and prior years - (Add note via "Additional Information")

2020 to present - Worksheet is available and able to choose from the country of residence

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