28 June 2023, we are opening Accziom Beta. Accziom is our newest product designed to help you accelerate trade and make more money.
The system includes -
  • Dealmaking including client engagement through to direct debit/payment.
  • Ability to build a referral marketplace where you build rich business relationships & referral revenue streams.
 Watch the videos here.
Please consider joining our Beta project, if you have the following attributes or inclinations -
  • Business is in your blood and you like trying new approaches to making money.
  • You like trying new business technologies and are happy to provide feedback, especially if you get rewarded.
  • The templating tools we are bringing to LodgeiT with advanced report building and to Accziom with services details descriptors, require people who enjoy technical design work. We are going to reward users who build useful templates for our merchant community.
      A video demo of our report building technology - Watch here 
      Another template approach to building service questionnaires - Watch here
  • You are generally interested in accounting tech and want to follow our community-building journey.
  • You enjoy reading and understanding complex tax legislation. You want to comment on scenarios and queries run through Tax Genii built on GPT-4 - Watch a YouTube demo.
  • You'd like to try some coding techniques involving accounting report generator tools - Watch a YouTube Demo.
After signing up, please head over and join our Beta Community.
Help us help you build the future of business!