We are excited to launch a range of new functionality upgrades to the LodgeiT Platform!

Tax forms for 2021 financial year
The 2021 tax forms are now available. All relevant data fields will automatically roll forward from 2020. The ATO will start processing them from 7 July.

Outcome/Notice of Assessment (OoA)
Outcome of Assessment values is now automatically loaded from the ATO. The values are cross-checked with estimates and can be automatically emailed directly to the client with a secure link.

You can compare OoA values with Tax Estimate to quickly find a difference. Track OoA status on work and forms dashboards. Read more here and here

ATO Lodgement Status
Easily track the ATO lodgement status of lodged returns directly on the work and forms dashboards. You don't need to check ATO portal anymore! Hover over the status to see details.

Compare with prior year return values
Compare 2021 and 2020 FY returns with prior year values in one click. LodgeiT will highlight different values and new tax year fields directly on the form.

New 'QuickBooks Online Accountant' Client Sync
New user experience for 'QuickBooks Online Accountant'  client sync with automapping. You don't need to manually map each client anymore. You'll want this functionality if you're using free 'QuickBooks Online Accountant' for client billing activity. Learn more

Secure E-Signature links
Better late than never! Based on a recent Tax Practitioner Board mandate, there is a requirement for practitioners to ensure that only authorised clients have access to restricted TFN information. Your clients will now need to verify their identity via 2FA prior to being able to open a tax form for signing via an email URL. Learn more

LodgeiT State of the Union - 2021
Video presentation from our founder, Andrew Noble about automation and our future development pathway. Watch here