Hey everyone! 

The new tax season is coming and we are excited to announce new product features and updates for you. Watch the Pro Power Hour (timestamp: 29:00) webinar to find out more about the latest updates in detail with Andrew Noble.

Tax Forms 2023

The 2023 tax forms are now available. LodgeiT will automatically create new forms for you in a few days. We will ensure that relevant field values will roll forward from 2022 returns. Check out the ATO's overview of key changes.

Please note that pre-filling data is available for tax returns from 1 July as ATO receives it, with most data being available by the end of July.

Advanced Financial Reports

We've been working hard to build the next generation of financial reporting.

Here is what you can do:
  •   Create and customise financial notes.
  •   Add up to 12 comparison periods.
  •   Add, remove and change the order of your report blocks.
  •   Use automatically numbered headings.
  •   Play first, pay later. Try all the features before buying.

Watch our demo video to learn more.

You can buy a package or pay per report. Prices start just at $6.59 per report if you buy a package. Please note that purchased reports expire within the subscription period. Check your billing page for detailed pricing.

You still can use the basic version of financial reports for free.

Sign up for our Financial Reports Workshop to learn more in detail.

Teams & Client Access

Now you can easily configure and see who is responsible for particular clients by organising colleagues into teams and assigning them to client groups or clients. We have also introduced an outside collaborator role, who can only access the clients and work they are assigned to.

Here is what you can do:
  •   Create teams and add members to them.
  •   Assign members and teams to clients and client groups.
  •   Mark clients as private to hide them from other colleagues.
  •   Filter your work by client assignee.
  •   Invite outside collaborators.
  •   Upload your profile photo in the account settings.  
  Watch our demo video to learn more.

Please try it and let us know what you think.

Default Contact Source on Tax Returns

Now you can configure a default contact source on a tax return separately for a postal address, phone and email. You can configure it to automatically populate with your details, client details or carry forward them from a prior year tax return. Additionally, you can override any option in the client settings.

Activity Statement Substantiation Declaration

We added an option to include the substantiation declaration for activity statements.

SMS Two-Factor Authentication

We highly recommend switching your second-factor authentication to an authenticator app, as SMS is not a reliable way to do it. You can change it in your account settings

For new users, SMS as the second-factor authentication is not available anymore.