In LodgeiT, you can lodge future-year income tax returns.

Future-year lodgments must be made no later than 15 June. If you miss it, you must start again from scratch with a new year's tax return and lodge it after 1 July. No tax return data can be transferred to it.

Just click to create new tax return and select future-year option in the dropdown.

Future-year returns are available for the following form types:

  • individual tax return
  • company tax return
  • trust tax return
  • self-managed super fund return
  • partnership tax return


  • Future year lodgments must be made no later than 15 June. Alternatively, the lodgment can be made as normal after 1 July. This only applies to future year lodgments. It does not apply to lodgment of prior year returns.
  • Future form have to be filled manually, most synchronizations are disabled.
  • All rates (ie Car rates) in future-year are based on the current year's rates. If users want to use future year  rates then they have to wait for July (to release the actual form) and lodge it.


Q: In my Future form,  it is calculating the loss carry back amount at 26% (2021 rate) instead of 25% (2022 rate), why?

A: Future-year returns are using forms and rates for previous financial year (ie Future forms is using the rate of Current Year Form). If you want it to calculate using correct/actual template rate, you have to lodge after 1st July of this year.