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Installer should check for all the prerequisites itself. However, In order to make LodgeIT Smart Utility Add-in working with MS-Excel, Please make sure the following prerequisites are installed.

1- .NET Framework 4 or later available here 2- Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime available here

Download Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime from Official Microsoft Download Centre

Here is a help link as well


Download and Install from here LodgeIT Smart Utility.

Installation guide is also provided on the page.

Installation for Office 365

On Office 365 LodgeIT Smart Utility Add-in is installed the same way.

1. Make sure Office 365 local version is installed

a. In order to check open the Control Panel

b. Open Programs and Features and look for 'Microsoft Office 365' in the list.

c. If Microsoft Office 365 is listed in Programs and Features then it is installed locally otherwise it   needs to be installed locally.

2. If Office 365 is not installed locally then

a. Open the Office 365 website and login using your Microsoft account.

b. Click on Install Office. It will download the installer

c. Run the installer to install the local version of Office

3. After office 365 is installed locally run the normal procedure to install LodgeIT Smart Utility Add-in from here.