Question: I have just had 7 verification codes sent to my phone but I haven't logged in.  Is there a system issue or should I be concerned that someone is logging into my LodgeIt account?  It's not my staff.

Answer: In case that user received a sudden/strange SMS codes, try to login and check your "Account Logs", you may check it to see the logs and login activities.



Pretty sure that the predator can't login to your account, ie system will require any password change to be verified by your email account. Unless, that bad actor has access to your email and he can execute the change.

Also, our system requires authentication, in your case I believe via SMS and he needs access to your mobile phone.

LodgeiT data is secured by encryption. We undergo ISO 27001 security audits.

You may also reset your password in Lodgeit if in doubt, request for change was generated unknowingly by yourself.

We are advising our user to  use 'Authenticator' as the default for login codes. Authenticator allows to avoid all of those issues, that's why it's preferable to use it instead of phone. Learn more about Authenticator HERE

Question: What is the possible reason of the multiple codes received?


A. It could be related to e-sign request, kindly check the mobile number registered via "Esign" Request . Learn more here 

Question: How LodgeiT check/verify on the back end?

Answer:: Checking the User account IP address (if it is belong to the user)

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