If you activate the automated activity statement collection feature, then your activity statements should be collected and prefilled by the ATO in an automated fashion on each activity statement reporting cycle.

* Click here to learn about how to Import BAS Values from 'QuickBooks Online'

From Forms, select Add Form.

Pull the form - 

Tick the Radio Button & Create & Prefill.

"Entity Details" - for Activity Statements, LodgeiT fills details (ie email, phone, address), you may update via ATO portal only.

Fill the relevant details -

Validate the form to ensure no errors exist.

Choose to either send for e Signature or print if you are a tax or BAS Agent. For business owners, simply "Sign".

Adding e-signatory (person who receives the e-signature request), should be updated via the Primary Signatory's "Settings" > "Contact Details".

The "Primary Contact/Signatory" is the person who receives and signs the form. Learn more HERE

Once the form is signed you can lodge it.

Or alternatively, you can Batch Lodge via the Dashboard.


- ATO will initiate and publish the BAS If client is eligible.

- BAS Amendments should work IF the original BAS is in LodgeiT AND there are no values at PAYGI.

- To get a BAS into LodgeiT not originally prepared in LodgeiT use the GST Analyser to 'call' the missing BAS.

- If you are an intermediary (Tax or BAS Agent) you may want to turn off your responsibility for a form if your client is handling the  lodgement .

- Forms are automatically loaded as soon as they produced (pulling of  outstanding obligations ONCE in 5-7 days), However if you have a new client that has outstanding AS not showing in LodgeIT, just add a new AS form and the software will search for unlodged files. If there is none, it will synchronise the lodged files to the client in the background.

- Why is there a difference between the imported figures in LodgeiT and QuickBooks BAS? Click here to learn more

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