One reason you get the following message - 

Is that this option needs to be handled on the ATO Portal, as follows -


- BAS Amendments should work IF the original BAS is in LodgeiT AND there are no values at PAYGI.

- To get a BAS into LodgeiT not originally prepared in LodgeiT use the GST Analyser to 'call' the missing BAS.

- For BAS issue regading "Period", kindly contact ATO, we only serve up what BAS ATO have.

- Note that forms are automatically loaded as soon as they produced, However if you have a new client that has outstanding AS not showing in LodgeIT, just add a new AS form and the software will search for unlodged files.

- If you are not doing tax returns or BAS for a client, you can switch it off in settings and new forms will stop show up

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