Question: How to remove "Instalment Amount" in Item T7?

Answer:  T7 is being prefiiled by the system from the ATO portal. Please remove and pull the form again in LodgeiT.

'Sales, GST on Sales, GST on Purchases cannot be imported from any other software to LodgeiT because it is not yet available. Only from QuickBooks can be imported to BAS form in LodgeiT. Only option with these is to manually enter all the figures from other software to LodgeiT BAS form.

LodgeiT displays activity statements the way it was generated by ATO. The option is disabled, because ATO returned it to us in disabled state. You can try to remove the activity statement and load it again.

Question: How to edit/update Item T7 "Installment amount?

Answer: Either vary the form (fill up T7, T8 & T9) or lodge the form via ATO portal.