Select "Settings"

Select "Tax"

If "Manage Activity Statement" activated, LodgeiT will automatically load AS forms as soon as they produced and available.

Click here if you want to Switch-Off Auto Produce Activity Statement

LodgeiT is pulling outstanding obligations ONCE in 5-7 days. User be able to see  all outstanding activity statements in time.

Then on the next BAS reporting cycle, the forms will appear in the NEW Column of forms on the dashboard.

Note that forms are automatically loaded as soon as they produced, However if you have a new client that has outstanding AS not showing in LodgeIT, just add a new AS form and the software will search for unlodged files. If there are none, it will synchronise the lodged files to the client in the background.


- BAS Amendments should work IF the original BAS is in LodgeiT AND there are no values at PAYGI.

- To get a BAS into LodgeiT not originally prepared in LodgeiT use the GST Analyser to 'call' the missing BAS.

- If you are an intermediary (Tax or BAS Agent) you may want to turn off your responsibility for a form if your client is handling the  lodgement .

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