Question: Is there any way to populate these worksheets if we have already created Borrowing costs schedules under "Tools > Borrowing costs".

I am doing the journal in 'QuickBooks Online'  which transfers the expense fig at Item 7 at Non-deductible expense in Reconciliation tab but not deducting as Borrowing Cost. For expense fig to appear at Borrowing cost field I have to create a Worksheet for each borrowing cost...there are 15 separate borrowing costs. Moreover I have to repeat the whole process again in next year's return.

Answer: Note that Tools>Borrowing cost is for record only, this does not populate to tax return that is why it is being advised to do a manual entry in 'QuickBooks Online'. So worksheet won't automatically be filled in from tools and will not be rolled over to next tax return.

You need to record a journal in 'QuickBooks Online'  for borrowing cost, when import was done, it should show in the Profit & loss section of the tax return.

After the import, you should categorised it as - Amortisation Costs > Borrrowing Expenses Amortised

Since Borrowing costs should be included at W Non deductible expenses, according to ATO, it will be showing up in the Reconciliation section Item 7 as non deductible expense. 

Note: The "Borrowing Cost Schedule" that manually added to previous year, will rollover the details to the next form years (including the borrowing worksheets). If not shown, press this "Rollover" button


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Note: Currently there is no option in Borrowing costs worksheet to write-off the profit from selling the asset. User should manually include it in appropriate field, f. e. in 7B Other assessable income."