Superannuation Fund Tax Return

Preparation of Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)
To work with a company tax return, first ensure that all the necessary information about the company has been added to LodgeiT via "Settings" if y...
Fri, 22 Mar, 2024 at 10:28 PM
How to Prepare Accounts for Superannuation Funds to Import to LodgeiT
LodgeiT can import accounts in order to auto-fill Financial Reports  In order to use LodgeiT, please consider the following important accounting system con...
Fri, 22 Mar, 2024 at 10:22 PM
Activate Relevant Sections of Self Managed Superannuation Fund Form (SMSF)
On initiating an SMSFAR Form, first select the sections you require.  You can always navigate back here from within the from using the 4 little square at...
Fri, 3 May, 2024 at 11:56 AM
Import Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSFAR) from Mclowd to LodgeiT
Search the client in the upper left section. Select "Add Form", and click SMSFAR Tax Return Select Tax Year, and click "Create an...
Fri, 3 May, 2024 at 1:04 PM
Calculation Engine for Retirement - Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)
Calculate potential pension per annum through retirement. Calculate number of years to zero given an annuity value X. Click here to use the calculator
Thu, 16 May, 2024 at 12:56 PM
Capital Gains in Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Tax Return
Activate "Capital Gain" from Financial image You have an option - a. Fill the form manually (simply follow the ATO Form instructions) b. ...
Fri, 27 Mar, 2020 at 11:54 AM
Exempt current pension income - Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)
If you wish to add "Exempt current pension income", navigate to Superfund tab. Scroll down through "item 10 Exempt current pension inc...
Thu, 16 May, 2024 at 1:10 PM
How to get the credits back - Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)
Activate "Dividends" via manage sections From "Income" tab, select "Dividends". then, click the "+" and a...
Thu, 16 May, 2024 at 1:23 PM
Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) : Message - Incorrect PDF Format
If you receive this message, please check the file sizes of the BGL PDF's. We've discovered that there are different .Pdf file export variants ...
Tue, 11 Aug, 2020 at 8:29 PM
Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSFAR) - Applying PRIOR YEAR LOSS
Navigate to "Deduction" Section Scroll to the bottom - Item M1. Apply the necessary loss here that either utilises all the retained losses or...
Fri, 27 Mar, 2020 at 11:54 AM