If you want to use LodgeiT to lodge for multiple entities (ie Tax Agent with different Firm or Business) then use the option "Switch Organisation". Click here to learn more About Franchisee Licences and How to Buy and Assign Licenses

DO NOT USE THIS FEATURE if you are NOT a Tax or BAS Agent (check this link if you are Business Owner)

Cost is $300 ex GST ($330) for second TFN. The second TFN shares the package of the first TFN. Learn more about  how to Add Franchisee and Assigning/Buying the License 

First, make sure you can use LodgeiT for one entity. Example below, shows Noble & Associates Pty Ltd  is the LodgeiT account holder or the MASTER entity and will always be accessible via Gear Wheel.

Now Add other entity

And complete the setup of the new entity.

Be sure to collect your LodgeiT Software Subscription ID and connect to ATO.

Collect your LodgeiT Software ID from here

In "Switch Organisation" page, you have now added " Sample Firm Co" as additional company.


Q: I don't have an option to allocate the franchisee license.

A: Make sure that your "Practice Type" is Tax/BAS Agents (NOT a Business entity)


- We allow different TAN numbers across the switch org feature. (client lists need to be maintained separately since we sync the tax forms i.e. lodgement list into LodgeiT from the ATO). 

- In "Switch Organisation"  you will end up with 2 portals (ie Company A and Company B)

- Whatever lodgements are purchased can be split across multiple switched orgs, additional $330 will charge for every new switch organisation.

- Forms Company A will never be merged with forms of Company B.

- Company A and Company B will share lodgement package, but additional cost of $300 ex GST (for second entity).

Click here to know more about Franchisee Licences 

- We can only duplicate client records to the company, but we cannot duplicate forms/reports and etc.