Notification: "Your subscription expires in __days. To continue using LodgeiT without interruption, renew it here."

Solution: User needs to navigate to Billing page and renew the subscription, the previous 'QuickBooks Online' token will be applied automatically.

Note: If you supposed to get higher tier than the previous package and you haven't received an email with the coupon, you should contact your 'QuickBooks Online' account manager.

(Video provided below)

Select the gear wheel at he top right of your LodgeiT interface and press "Billing"

Select "Renew"

Note, the previous 'QuickBooks Online'  token will be applied automatically, you just need to press "Subscribe"


Q: How to buy additional lodgements/extra forms?

A: Ask your 'QuickBooks Online'  account representative to adjust your package subscription, ie Intuit leadership need to change inclusion amounts.  or you also have an option buy additional lodgements out of pocket via LodgeiT in the billing section.

Notification: "You already have an active subscription. If you have an Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor coupon, please cancel the current subscription first and then redeem your email coupon."

Solution: Since your account is not yet expired, you can't use that. Kindly click "Cancel Subscription" first and Redeem the code again.

Please note that cancelling subscription won't affect your access to yourr account.


The ProAdvisor Basic/Silver plan is non-renewable and can be used only during 1st year. 
The details can be found in ProAdvisor program terms