For SMSF Administrators, we offer BGL Desktop form import functionality. This saves having to key BGL form data to LodgeiT. 

Pricing option:

"Pay-per-form" - This is for the user who lodge solely SMSFAR.  Buy in bundle to get discounts and pay as much as $*7 per form.

1st form   - $88

2nd form -  $44

3rd Form -  $ 44

4th Form  - $ 7

*subsequent - $7 

*The subsequent lodgement price of $7 per form is ONLY applicable when forms are purchased in a bundle (after paying $176 for the first 3 forms).

To avail your firm of this pay-per-form pricing, click here

"Subscription Plan"

If you need to lodge other tax and business reporting form, you must subscribe for a package plan. Learn more from our Subscription Plan guide.