Set up "Email Settings" (for Microsoft) via Gear Wheel > Settings > Emails. It will provide an ability to keep track of emails sent and receive client's responses directly into your inbox.


  • All emails to your clients are sending from Microsoft mailbox and can be seen in the "Sent items" folder.
  • Since the Microsoft is external SMTP provider, we cannot track the delivery status of every email. But, if something would go wrong - then you (user) would get the failure notification to your Microsoft mailbox.


Q: Client's can't receive the copy of their signed tax forms.

A: Most likely emails get to spam/junk folders. There could be a lot of reasons for this. It's not related to LodgeiT or even to Microsoft as the decision of considering if the email either spam or not relays to spam filters/machine learning algorithms of recipient SMTP server."

How to make the team member as "CC" to esign request?

Modifying 'sender's name" is NOT available to Microsoft SMTP, it always takes the sender's name from user's MS profile.

You can change the name in your Microsoft account instead.

Error: When using smtp settings the system tries to send test email to check the settings are correct. If a user receives this error (below) - it means the credentials provided from their SMTP provider are invalid. 

We have few suggestions:
  1. Please check SMTP host.. Different services are unable to connect to it.Please let your IT person check that.
  2. Try to change the SMTP port from 587 to 465 or to 25, in some cases this is the reason.
  3. Please pay attention to the password which is case sensitive, for instance PassWord and passwoRD are different."