Taxpayer who is a non-Australian resident and has interest income.

In this case, there is 10% tax on interest income for non-residents.

User doesn't need to include interest income in non-resident taxpayer's tax return.

Please see ATO related article -

  Non-resident withholding tax (special circumstance)

  Interest, unfranked dividends and royalties

Interest income for foreign residents should be included only when the person was an Australian resident when income had been received. Otherwise Income may not be included. But if it will be included, then no tax payable will be calculated on this amount. It will be shown only in NRWT section (bottom of Estimate page)

For interest and dividends for non-residents there is a section at the bottom of Estimate page. Non-resident withholding tax. Calculation of interest and dividends is presented here.

Tax payable is not sent to ATO. And after about two weeks ATO will send "Notice of Assessment".

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